Psychology is the study of human Behaviour and mental processes. Psychologists are responsible for identifying psychological, emotional and or behavioral issues as well as diagnosing any specific disorders. They do this by using information got from patient interviews, patient tests and records and medical reference materials.

Being a college student can be a difficult balancing act. It is easy to get weighed down with the pressure of academics social life and choosing a major and career. Adolescent counselling is intended to help adolescents make sense of their feelings and behaviour.

Our college has designed the counselling sessions to

  1. Identify some of the ways the students may cope with problems.
  2. Recognise signs of distress.
  3. earn ways to help oneself and others to deal effectively with problems.

Some of the common Problems the students face in college were found out after interacting with them in a group and one on one.

  1. Study
  2. Depression
  3. Anger or frustration for no distinct reason
  4. Sickness / Health Conditions
  5. Friends
  6. Relationships
  7. Internet addiction disorder (IAD) /problematic internet use (PIU)/ or compulsive internet use
  8. Phone addiction
  9. Career counselling


  1. The psychologist creats a positive and friendly first impression.
  2. She establishes rapport during the first session, show empathy and reassure the young students.
  3. Eliminate barriers to good communication (e.g., negative attitudes, poor listening, not allowing youth to express fears or ask questions, being judgmental and impatient, etc.)
  4. There is a use of “active listening” with the students i.e. acknowledging, confirming and asking clarification from the speaker.
  5. Provide information simply and use visual aids as much as possible.
  6. Ask appropriate and effective questions and use open-ended questions.
  7. Allow the students to ask questions and seek clarification.

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