1. Prof. Shobha Stephen Principal
2. Mrs. Hazel D’Souza Lect. in Microbiology
3 Dr. M.S.Gayathri Lect. In Botany
4 Ms. Shalini A.E Lect. in English
5 Mrs. Asma Azeez Lect. in Commerce
6 Mrs. Pramila Sudharshan Lect. in Hindi
7 Mrs. Amudha.S. Lect. in Tamil
8 Mrs. Mayuramani. B Lect. in Kannada
9 Mrs. Shyamala.M Lect. in Management
10 Mrs. Anitha.S. Lect. in Commerce
11 Mrs. Cynthia E Theodore Lect. in Chemistry
12 Mrs. Saadia Tarannum Lect. in Management
13 Mrs. Priya Noel Lect. in Commerce
14 Mrs. Saria Banu Lect. in Management
15 Mrs. Talathoti Leena Elizabeth Lect. in English
16 Mrs. Lydia Glory.I. Lect. in English
17 Ms. Amthur Rehman Lect. in Commerce
18 Ms. Anitha.H. Lect. in Commerce
19 Mrs. Susan Priyadharshini.D. Lect. in Commerce
20 Mrs. Josephine Prapulla Lect. in Computer Science
21 Mrs. Geetha.D. Lect. in Economics
22 Dr. Thejavathi.K. Lect. in Kannada
23 Ms. Hemavathi.B.H. Librarian
24 Mrs. Afzalunnissa Lect. in Urdu
25 Mrs. Darly Mano Lect. in Marketing
26 Mrs. Priya Mary Jacob Lect. in Management
27 Mrs. Hemavathi.P. Lect. In Commerce
28 Mrs. Kavita Rajalakshmi. Lect. in Computer Science
29 Mrs. Ranjana N. Lect. in Computer Science
30 Mrs. Devi G. Lect. in Journalism
31 Ms. Gracy.A. Lect. in Commerce
32 Mrs. Diana Samson Lect. in Computer Applications
33 Dr. ZARINE ESTHER IMMANUEL Lect. Department of Psychology


1Mrs. Sara Elizabeth Office Superintendent
2Mrs. Florence Nirmala Kumari.D Personal Assistant to Principal
3Ms. Rekha.S. First Division Clerk
4Ms. Sonia.E. First Division Clerk
5Mrs. Ashwini.S. Second Division Clerk
7 Mrs. Grace Attender
8 Mr. Hussain Driver
9 Mrs. Rathna Peon
10 Mrs. Janet Peon
11 Mr. Naveen Peon
12 Mr. Bharath Security

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